Download the presentations below by clicking on the name of the presenters.


Opening the seminar

Marco Enrico Ricotti (Politecnico di Milano Rector’s Delegate for Research) Opening and welcome
Licia Sbattella (Politecnico di Milano Rector’s Delegate for Disability; and G3ict) – “Information Accessibility for Academic Life”

I Session - Accessibility Policies and Guidelines

Christopher Lee (AMAC - Accessibility Solutions & Research Center at Georgia Institute of Technology; and G3ict) – “New frontiers for Digital Accessibility in Academia”

ICT4IAL Partners: Guidelines presentation

  • Indrajit Banerjee (UNESCO) – “Global Framework on the promoting access to information and knowledge for Persons with Disabilities”
  • Marcella Turner-Cmuchal (European Agency) – “Guidelines Presentation”
  • Isabelle Turmaine (International Association of Universities) “IAU’s participation for the Guidelines”
  • Roger Blamire (European Schoolnet) – “How Guidelines were used in ES”

III Session - Policies and projects on content accessibility

Bernhard Heinser (DAISY Consortium) - “Suggestions for organizationsbased on the Guidelines Implementation Synthesis Report”
Roberto Tedesco, Silvia Sbattella (Politecnico di Milano) – “Policies and Projects: the CALD project on Content Accessibility”
Piero Attanasio (Associazione Italiana Editori) - "Working along the book value chain: collaborative strategy to foster accessibility"
Laurent Manderieux (Università Bocconi di Milano) - "Recent developments on the International regulation on publications' property right: the Marrakesh Treaty"
Chiara Cenderelli (Politecnico di Milano) – “Open Access Policies and Accessibility of Contents”