The International Association of Universities (IAU) ( is an international NGO in partnership of Association with UNESCO. It is located on UNESCO’s premises, in Paris, France. It is a worldwide association of higher education institutions (HEIs). Today, the Association represents HEIs from 120 countries worldwide and 42 countries from the European region. It presently works on access and equity in higher education, where the focus is upon topics relating to ethnic background, disabilities, language, location or social background.

IAU has a statement on HEIs and ICTs recommending that the Association 'act as a platform for information sharing in regard to the use of ICTs in higher education, stimulating exchange of expertise and disseminating examples of good practices'. IAU has a great interest in projects that look at education in a holistic way as shown by its project on the linkages between HE and the Education For All United Nations initiative. IAU is currently developing new activities exploring Open Educational Resources.

As a major representative of higher education institutions worldwide and in Europe and an important information provider to and on the higher education sector, IAU assisted in the drafting and testing of the Guidelines for the Implementation of Information Accessibility in Learning. IAU also organised, within the timeline of network activities, a seminar linked to one of its own events related to the topic. IAU played an active role in promoting and enhancing accessibility of information provision and gave feedback from the higher education sector regarding the possible implementation of the Guidelines. IAU largely disseminated information on the project and its outcomes (including the Guidelines) within the higher education community worldwide.