European Schoolnet (EUN) ( is a unique not-for-profit consortium of 30 Ministries of Education in Europe created in 1997. EUN provides major European education portals for teaching, learning and collaboration and leads the way in bringing about change in schooling through the use of new technology. Since its establishment, EUN has been supporting the European dimension in schools. This goal is achieved through projects, competitions, communication and information exchange at all levels of school education using innovative technologies.

EUN is at the crossroads of national and regional education networks, building synergies between communities of teachers, learners, developers, researchers and policy-makers. EUN’s work is organised in 3 strands corresponding to its core objective of supporting the efficient use of ICT in education and the European dimension in education: Policy, research and innovation; Schools services and Learning resource exchange and interoperability.

As a major representative of schools across Europe and an important information provider to and on the use of ICT in the education sector, EUN will assist in the drafting and testing of the Guidelines for the Implementation of Information Accessibility in Learning. EUN will also organise, within the timeline of the network activities, a seminar linked to one of its own events related to the topic. EUN will play an active role in promoting and enhancing accessibility of information provision and will give feedback from the school sector regarding the possible implementation of the Guidelines. EUN will disseminate information on the project and its outcomes (including the Guidelines) within the education sector across Europe.